Stanford in Government and Speakers Bureau Present: Senator Olympia Snowe

Join Stanford in Government and Speakers Bureau this Thursday for a talk by Senator Olympia Snowe on women in politics and bipartisanship. 

Olympia Snowe represented the state of Maine in the U.S. Congress from 1979-2013. Her dedicated work in the Senate garnered her nationwide recognition as a leading policymaker in Washington. During her tenure in Congress, Snowe built a reputation as one of Congress’ leading moderates, and focused her attention on efforts to build bipartisan consensus on key issues such as fiscal responsibility, education, national security, women’s rights, health care, welfare reform, and campaign finance reform. Snowe retired from the Senate earlier this January, and cited hyper-partisanship and other pathologies of Congressional dysfunction as the impetus for her departure.

Thursday, May 2, 2013. 7:30 PM.
Approximate duration of 1.50 hour(s).
Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford Medical School (Map)
Stanford In Government, ASSU Speakers Bureau

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