The Winds of Freedom: Addressing Challenges to the University

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Gerhard Casper

President, Emeritus; Peter & Helen Bing Professor in Undergraduate Education, Emeritus; Professor of Law, Emeritus; and Senior Fellow at FSI

Stanford University’s unofficial motto, “Die Luft der Freiheit weht” (translated as “The wind of freedom blows”), was the theme of Gerhard Casper’s 1992 inaugural address as Stanford president. In his speech, he talked about the nine aspects of a university’s freedom.

Twenty years later, as president emeritus, Gerhard Casper reflects on the freedoms of and at the university in his new book, The Winds of Freedom: Addressing Challenges to the University. The freedoms of and at the university in a historical, philosophical, ethical and experiential context will be the subject of his upcoming talk sponsored by the Stanford Historical Society.

Casper will explore the complexities faced by the leadership of research-intensive universities, especially, but not only, those of the United States; issues regarding campus speech and campus diversity, government regulation and politics, affirmative action; and the role of the research-intensive university, its faculty and students, in the pursuit of knowledge.

The Winds of Freedom: Addressing Challenges to the University will be available for purchase at this program.

Thursday, March 13, 2014. 5:00 PM.
Approximate duration of 1.50 hour(s).
Clark Auditorium *You can enter the auditorium via the ground-level entrance in the atrium of the Clark Center. Alternatively, you can take the East Wing elevators located right by the Campus Drive entrance to the Clark Center. There is a door labeled (Map)
Stanford Historical Society

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