ERE Seminar: John O'Donnell (GlassPoint Solar, Inc.) - "Solar thermal energy for EOR"

John O'Donnell | GlassPoint Solar, Inc.

"Solar thermal energy for EOR"


Thermal enhanced oil recovery provides about half of California's oil
production, and consumes some 25% of all natural gas in California.

Solar steam generation for enhanced oil recovery offers cost-effective reductions in fuel costs and air emissions, and expanded total recovery in thermal EOR projects in California, the Middle East, and other sunny regions. GlassPoint's innovative Enclosed Trough technology was developed specifically for the needs of thermal recovery operations (EOR), and has proven its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and process and environmental compatibility in pilot projects in California and
Oman. The talk includes a review of the construction and operation of the pilot installations.

Solar EOR creates allowances under California's cap-and trade regime and credits under California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard, potentially delivering large benefits to refiners as well as upstream operators. Solar steam generation can deliver 5 million LCFS credits or more per annum serving just a fraction of current California thermal requirements, contributing to market stability and cost containment. Uniquely among compliance pathways, solar EOR delivers carbon intensity
reductions in petroleum fuels, extending the economic life and value of California's refineries and oilfields.


John O'Donnell is VP Business Development, GlassPoint Solar, Inc. Prior to joining GlassPoint, John was formerly founder and president of solar thermal provider Ausra (now Areva Solar). John started his career at USDOE's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. He was founder and holder of executive positions at Venearth Group, Pixelworks, Inc., Equator Technologies, Inc. and Multiflow Computer, Inc. John is named on nine U.S. patents. He has a B.Sc. with Special Distinction in Computer Science from Yale University.

Monday, April 7, 2014. 12:15 PM.
Approximate duration of 1.0 hour(s).
Room 104, Green Earth Sciences Building, 367 Panama Street, Stanford (Map)
Energy Resources Engineering
Faculty/Staff, Students
seminar, engineering

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