Express Your Heart's Desire: Cultivating Gratitude and Giving Expression to our Dreams

Thursday, April 27, 2017

5:30 pm

Education Bldg. (Cubberly), Rm 334 Map

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Health Improvement Program

Cultivating Gratitude and Giving Expression to our Dreams

In this 4-week workshop, we will invite the Heart–Felt experience of appreciation and wonder into our creative process. As we invite our analytical mind to take a back seat, we will learn how the process of allowing and intending enables us to experience the flow of creativity.


• We become more helpful generous and compassionate

• Gratitude strengthens the immune system

• We become more forgiving

• We experience more pleasure and joy

• We sleep longer and feel refreshed upon wakening• We have more optimism

• We exercise more and take better care of our health!

Find pleasure and satisfaction in communicating what is meaningful to you

Express yourself more creatively in your personal life, career and with family & friends

Feel your heart open to compassion & empathy for self, others and the world

Be more present, vibrant, open, connected and engaged throughout your day

We will play, tell stories, do theater games, write stories, move our bodies to live music, speak our minds, share our passions, and support each other in our desire to live a more expressive life.


Deanna Anderson is a certified Action Theater coach and trained in the Expressive Actor Method. She has taught Creative Play Expression & Performance workshops at numerous Universities and has taught group fitness and Healthy Living classes for HIP for over 10 years.

Peter Giordano is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is the founder and director of StoryTeller Project, an Arts Education Nonprofit dedicated to using all the expressive and media art as tools for learning and healing.

Thursday, April 27, 2017
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Education Bldg. (Cubberly), Rm 334 Map

Register for this 4-week class on March 21 via the HIP Homepage

Course Fee: $120 (STAP/EA funds: yes)

Class code: exp-01


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