Spinefulness Plus: Focus on Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands 2/22 - 3/22/2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

6:00 pm

Center for Clinical Sciences Research, Rm 4205

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Health Improvement Program

Imagine your work day without a stiff neck and sore shoulders! This 5-session class will combine the 4-session Spinefulness class with one extra awesome class that pay special attention to your neck and shoulders. Pain in your hands can often be relieved by correcting shoulder blade placement. With a few shifts in the way you sit, combined with releasing muscles in your neck and shoulders, you can feel a lot better and find the position to heal yourself. This class will teach you keen body awareness and corrections that can allow relief from mechanically-based joint and back pain. You will learn small, but critical, position shifts to apply to every day activities.

Whether you are suffering in your neck, feet, or joints, the Spineful approach will guide you to replace patterns of wear and tear with habits that restore joints. Sit with ease in your workspace, drive in your car without pain, or stand happily in line at the grocery store. Tap into the healing potential of gravity in any moment of the day, anywhere you are.

Instructors: Jean Couch, Founder of the Balance Center, is the author of "The Runner’s Yoga Book". For over 25 years, Jean has been involved in empirical research studying populations of people who have no back or joint pain. Jenn Sherer, BS, started as a student at the Balance Center. Spinefulness freed her of the chronic shoulder, neck, knee, bunion and back pain. Now, as Director of the Balance Center, she champions Spinefulness as a practical non-invasive way to resolve muscular skeletal pains and as a way to increase overall wellness.

Thursday, February 22, 2018
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Center for Clinical Sciences Research, Rm 4205


Course Fee: $225 (STAP/EA funds: yes)


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