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Vice Presidency for the Arts (VPA)

The Vice Presidency for the Arts (VPA) at Stanford University was established in February 2017 to elevate the arts in the university’s priorities and lead strategic planning for the university’s arts goals.

Working with faculty, students, and alumni, two of those goals are: making Stanford a vital home for art and artists and drawing on the university’s multidisciplinary strengths to focus on the future of the arts.

Stanford’s non-departmental arts programs fall under the auspices of the Vice President for the Arts, including Stanford Live and Bing Concert Hall led by Chris Lorway, the Stanford Arts Institute led by Jean Ma, the Cantor Arts Center led by Maude Brezinski and Elizabeth Mitchell, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University led by Jason Linetzky, and the Institute for Diversity in the Arts led by A-lan Holt and Adam Banks.

The VPA also operates a central office, which provides operational support for all of the above-mentioned units, and resources for students and faculty. This includes funding, space, and materials for student extracurricular arts activities; opportunities for student professional development; faculty grants; and oversight of visiting artist programs.

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