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WCC Main Mural

The Women’s Community Center strives to facilitate growth and engagement for Stanford students around issues of gender, identity, equity, and justice. We do this by fostering community and providing unique opportunities to explore scholarship, leadership, and activism. Our approach is inclusive, intersectional, and welcoming of people of any background or level of prior engagement with these issues. In our work, we strive collectively to make the WCC a space that centers the voices and lived experiences of all gender expansive and historically marginalized identities. 

The Women’s Community Center is located on the first floor of the Fire Truck House, right in the middle of campus. Be sure to follow the WCC on Instagram and Facebook (@stanfordwcc) to get all the updates from the staff and directors! I invite you to visit our regular website here, as well as our new website,, where you can find all the most up to date information, opportunities, and resources. Feel free to sign up for the WCC-Announce mailing list, so you can check out our revamped weekly newsletter called “Love Notes from the WCC” to find out about upcoming events, opportunities, and resources throughout the year!

The Women's Community Center is proud to be part of the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership (ECL) within Student Affairs, which educates students to make meaningful contributions as citizens of a complex world.

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