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SOLD OUT! – 55 Years of Taiko in North America: Stanford Taiko welcomes Seiichi Tanaka and the San Francisco Taiko Dojo

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Event Details:

Stanford Taiko convenes a taiko gathering that represents generations of players across Japan and North America to recognize 55 YEARS of TAIKO in NORTH AMERICA!

Taiko – thunderous Japanese ensemble drumming – was introduced to North America 55 years ago by Grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka. Stanford Taiko, part of the newest generation of North American taiko players, is honored to celebrate this milestone with Tanaka Sensei and the San Francisco Taiko Dojo (SFTD). They are joined by SFTD guests from Japan, Wako Daiko, to honor Sensei’s ambassadorship and contributions to the North American taiko community.

Join us to watch the whirlwind of taiko players and feel the beat of the drums as we launch 55 more years of taiko in North America!

Admission Information 

  • Stanford University guidelines now state that masks are no longer required, but are strongly recommended. We encourage you to continue wearing masks for the comfort of our patrons, staff, and artists. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test will no longer be required.