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A Resilient Pacific: Building Connections, Envisioning Solutions

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Event Details:

The Pacific Ocean connects us and binds us to a common future as we rise to meet the challenges of climate change and provide for communities across island and coastal nations in a sustainable way. During this conference we will explore these connections and define pathways for working together to promote resilience and shape a sustainable future for all.

Session themes for the conference will include:

  • Understanding and sharing to envision the future: Ways of knowing, exploration, discovery, and innovative approaches and technologies.
  • Challenges and aspirations of the Pacific ocean and communities: What are the challenges facing this region and what are the aspirations for the future we want?
  • Solutions for the Pacific ocean and people: What are solutions that could meet those challenges and help build a sustainable future?

The conference will bring together scholars, leaders from around the Pacific, stake- and rights-holders, national governments and philanthropic organizations to share knowledge and perspectives on the potential paths to connecting and supporting Pacific community futures.

Invited and contributed presentations will identify challenges, needs, gaps, and pathways for a sustainable and just future. In addition, there will be two panels, one that will bring together philanthropic representatives to discuss opportunities to support communities towards greater resilience and sustainability, and a second panel that will bring together decision makers to discuss efforts to bring together conservation and development.