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AASIB: Big Sib Sign Up!

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This event is over.

Event Details:

The Asian American Sib Program (AASib) aims to help incoming frosh and transfer students transition into the Stanford community by matching new students with upperclassmen, exposing them to various components of the Asian American community on campus.

A Big Sib is an upperclass Stanford student who serves as a peer mentor to frosh students to help ensure a successful first year.  Big Sibs share their knowledge of resources on campus that helped in their own frosh transition as well as their knowledge of the community and how to become involved.

DEADLINE: September 5th, 2022!!!

Please fill out ONE form per Sib Fam:
• min of 1 Big Sib (willing to be matched with at least 1 other co-Big Sib)
• max of 4 Big Sibs

If you and your family choose to apply, please keep in mind the time commitment and dedication we ask of you. Answer the questions as detailed and specific as possible. We will do our best to match the members of your sib fam with Lil Sibs!

Big Sibs MUST commit to the following:
• Attend Big Sib Training week before school starts [date TBD] (~1hr commitment)
• Attend AASIB Reveal event (Sept 30th, time & location TBD)
• Plan to check in with Lil Sibs at least once a quarter and report out any challenges or issues to the AASIB Coordinator.
• Get to know your Sib Fam.
• Participate in AASIB events.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this application, please contact the AASIB Coordinator at