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Advancing Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Workshop

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Event Details:

By 2050, urban areas will be home to some two-thirds of Earth’s human population. The size and growth rates of today’s cities are unprecedented in human history. Climate change poses additional challenges in the design, development, and management of urban areas. Against this dynamic backdrop, researchers and practitioners from public, private, and nonprofit organizations will come together to identify opportunities for high-impact collaborations that advance sustainable design, functioning, growth, and management of cities.

Thematic sessions will include:

  • Climate-sensitive infrastructure systems: Building and managing distributed and integrated infrastructure; mobilizing public and private investment in climate-resilient infrastructure
  • Decarbonizing the city: Advancing smart sensing and digital technology; developing lower-carbon materials; innovating with policy incentives to green business
  • New models of urban governance: Public-private partnerships, co-production, and citizen engagement to advance environmental, economic, and social sustainability goals; developing policies and regulations that integrate climate resilience as a priority
  • Understanding and managing risk: Forecasting future risk from climate change, aging infrastructure, and urbanization; partnering with cities to ensure equitable recovery from shocks
  • Equity and well-being: Distributional effects of investment strategies; ensuring access to basic services; developing and testing indicators to track progress


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