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State of the Industry Panel: AI and AR, Supercharged

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Event Details:

Please join the Stanford Accelerator for Learning for an exciting panel discussion featuring industry experts from Meta, Niantic (creators of Pokemon Go), Xreal, and Magic Leap on the integration of AI and augmented reality and the future of immersive learning experiences. After the discussion, get hands-on with interactive demos featuring the latest AR glasses!


Alex Stolyarik, GSE LDT 23' Founder of Ecosystemone


  • Alex Driskill-Smith, Director, Strategic Partnerships at Magic Leap
  • Alicia Berry, Executive Producer at Niantic
  • Jon Li, Head of the US Market at XREAL
  • Nari Choi, Director of Strategy & Partnerships (AI, VR, AR) at Meta

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with augmented reality (AR) technology stands to revolutionize the educational landscape. This combination offers a dynamic and interactive learning environment that can overlay the world around us with animated 3D content and data visualizations, personalizing learning experiences, and making education more accessible, engaging, and effective. With growing processing capabilities, computer vision algorithms can map and analyze any environment, bringing complex concepts to life in high fidelity. As AI continues to evolve and AR technology advances, their convergence is set to create a transformative educational experience that could reshape how knowledge is acquired and applied in the real world.

The panel will be followed by a Q&A and a hardware demo.