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Ancient Futures

Saturday, May 4, 2024
11am to 5pm PT

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Stanford O’Donohue Educational Farm
175 Electioneer Road Stanford, CA 94305 Stanford, CA 94305 United States
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Event Details:

Ancient Futures is a futurist STEAM immersive learning experience designed around principles of: (1) Harmonious inter-relation and kinship between human and non-human others, (2) Renewing ancient, place-based strategies of technical activity and re-engaging the cosmological, sacred, and mythological dimensions of technology, and (3) Art, somatics, and play as important--and scientific--ways of knowing self and world. Artists Corinne Takara, Spencer Chang, and Annie Chen arrive to lead workshops making solar-powered creatures out of local biomaterials and making clay data talismans. Lunch will be provided and a gongfucha tea service, a Chinese folk practice, will be offered by tea practitioner and sourcer Annie Chen. We are excited to invite you to join us in a day of co-making playful speculative technologies rooted in ancient transpacific ways of knowing and techniques of making. Please find more information about the experience on this invitation.

Workshop Schedule

  • [11am - 12:30pm] Solarpunk Biofutures with Corinne Takara -- Artful Insights: A STEAM Workshop on Biofutures through Storytelling and Creativity
  • Lunch and Gongfucha Tea Service, hosted by Annie Chen of Teaphile
  • [2pm - 5pm] Digital-Material Communities with Spencer Chang -- Touching Computers: Creating Data Talismans

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