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Arizona Cactus Garden Day

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Two columnar cacti stand off center to the left in the foreground with the garden path and additional plants in the background

Saturday, June 3, 2023
11am to 3pm PT

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Arizona Garden
Arizona Garden, Stanford, CA 94305
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Event Details:

Join students from the PWR 91JSA: Communicating Science in Public Spaces class for an exhibition about the Arizona Cactus Garden.

You'll learn about why this historic garden exists on the Stanford campus, the unique plants that make up the garden, and the dedicated caretakers who have ensured the garden's longevity.

This one-day pop-up exhibition will take place on June 3rd. Visit the Arizona Cactus Garden between 11am and 3pm to view the exhibition materials and speak with students about their work.

The exhibition is open to visitors of all ages and will include interactive and hands-on components.

About the Arizona Cactus Garden:

The Arizona Cactus Garden is located on the edge of campus, near the Center for Academic Medicine and the Mausoleum. Parking can be found at the lot near the Center for Academic Medicine or in the spaces adjacent to the Anderson Collection and Cantor Art Center, a 5-10 minute walk away. There are no restrooms at the garden; bike racks are available at the Center for Academic Medicine.

The garden is a sunny outdoor space. Trees around the garden provide patches of shade. Consider bringing a water bottle and sun protection.

The majority of the garden is accessible to strollers or those using mobility aids.  The garden paths are not paved, but they are level and covered with a surface of decomposed granite. Many paths, including the outside ring and central accessway, are wide, with a limited number of narrow side paths. There are no stairs.

About the Course:

PWR 91JSA is an elective course taught by Jennifer Stonaker, an Advanced Lecturer in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric. Many students in the course are in the Notation in Science Communication, a program similar to a minor that helps students develop their science communication acumen. Students who complete a Notation earn a special designation on their transcript.

Additional support for the course and the exhibition provided by the Cardinal Courses Program at the Haas Center for Public Service and the Center for Teaching and Learning.