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Balancing Sleep and Screens: Cultivating Teen Well-Being through Healthy Sleep and Media Habits

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Proper sleep is essential for cognitive function, memory consolidation, emotional regulation, and physical health. It also plays a significant role in supporting the immune system and overall mental health. Unfortunately, many teens face sleep challenges due to factors such as academic pressures, extracurricular activities, social engagements, screen time, and irregular sleep schedules. As a result, sleep deprivation can become a significant issue for teenagers, leading to difficulties in concentration, mood swings, reduced academic performance, and even potential health problems if left unaddressed.


Join us for an interactive and engaging webinar to learn about the research surrounding sleep and its profound impact on overall well-being for teens. Learn about the far-reaching consequences of sleep deprivation, the impact of media use on sleep and mental health, and concrete strategies to help your teen get the rest they so desperately need. Together, Challenge Success and Common Sense Media will share comprehensive insights to help your family make informed decisions about sleep routines and media use

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