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Bob Stein on The Tapestry Project

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Bob Stein on The Tapestry Project

Wednesday, October 11, 2023
12pm to 1pm PT

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Hohbach Hall, 122
557 Escondido Mall, Stanford, CA 94305
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Join the Silicon Valley Archives in welcoming Bob Stein as he leads a discussion on The Tapestry Project. 


Let’s call it . . . the print era is officially over. We now live in a networked digital world. As a result everything is breaking and everything is being born anew.

New forms of expression are emerging. We may not know the specifics, but two aspects are coming into focus — a) expository text is being dislodged as the principal medium of intellectual discourse and b) the creation and consumption of media are increasingly social activities.

From this perspective, people need tools that foster collaboration — finally realizing the vision of the internet’s founders who understood that the problems facing humanity are too complex for individuals to solve on their own.

The Tapestry Project answers this challenge with a paradigm-breaking new tool that anyone can use to construct a non-linear landscape of ideas and the connections between them — a new form of writing which allows readers to interact directly with the author’s ideas and the sources they are based on.

Bob Stein was the founder of The Criterion Collection, The Voyager Company and The Institute for the Future of the Book. Currently, he heads up The Tapestry Project at the Internet Archive. In 2018 Bob donated his extensive analog and digital archives to Stanford.