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CBD 2022: Integrating Embodied Mindfulness: 7 Principles for Actualizing the Benefits of Somatic Practice with Teja Bell

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Seven principles of actualizing the benefits of somatic contemplative practice is the focus of this lecture and 3-session interactive workshop series by Teja Bell on Oct. 13, 14 and 16. The somatic practices of Buddhist and Daoist arts contribute exceptional value to meditators as a way of integrating and realizing the insights of Mindfulness meditation.  

The practice of Mindfulness is central to contemplative practitioners in many traditions.  The modern fields of psychology and neuroscience recognize Mindfulness for stress management and trauma work. 

"Integrating Embodied Mindfulness" weaves qigong and insight as a pathway to radiant well-being and the direct revelation of our Universal nature.


You are invited to join one or all of the sessions in the series:

Oct. 13, Establishing the Foundations for a Supportive and Flourishing Qigong Practice

Oct. 14, The Skill of Whole Body Breathing and Synchronous Movement

Oct. 16, Deepening the Profound Integration of Spirit, Mind and Body

Teja Bell (Fudo Myoo Rōshi 老師) is a lineage dharma teacher and Rinzai Zen master, the 84th ancestor of Lin-Chi I-Chuan's Chan lineage.  He is a 6th degree Black Belt in Aikido and a life-long practitioner and teacher of Chinese Internal Arts and Qigong.  Teaching Internationally (in China and Europe), Teja integrates meditation, dharma, with qigong/neigong's somatic skills as embodied mindfulness.  He conducts teacher-trainings and in-depth practice sessions along with regular online classes and has taught over 150 retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center since 1999.  Teja is committed to the lifelong pursuit and mastery of these evolving teachings and disciplines, as well as to the ethical and empowering communication and transmission of their essential qualities for universal benefit.

Integrating Embodied Mindfulness 7 Principles for Actualizing the Benefits of Somatic Practice is part of the free Contemplation by Design Summit, Oct. 9 - 16, & Oct. 28 - Nov. 2, 2022.

The full Summit schedule is posted at: All events are FREE and online.

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