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China's Water Law and Natural Resource Management

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Stanford affiliates, please join Stanford's Water in the West program for an informal lecture/workshop and brown bag lunch with Professor Huiyu Zhao (Joy) to hear about China’s frameworks for managing environment and natural resources.

Dr. Zhao holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Law, a Master of Economic Law, and a Bachelor of Economics. She is an environmental law faculty member and associate professor at Koguan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In government, she served as Deputy Procurator General in the Minhang District Procuratorate of Shanghai and as Deputy Director of the Regulations Division of Shanghai Municipal Environmental Bureau. She was a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland School of Law (working and writing with Professor Robert Percival), and a visiting professor at Vermont Law School. As a doctoral student, she assisted the State Environmental Protection Administration draft national regulations. She has been the Director of the China Energy Law Research Association and the China Environmental Law Research Association.

Her research topics include China's environmental rule of law, resource and energy law and policy, Sino-US environmental policy law, international law, domestic Chinese law and policy on climate change, etc. She has published and translated many articles and monographs, including "Animal Welfare Law in a Risk Society - Oriented to Typification and National Rule of Law", "Legal Research on Ecosystem Management," etc., and translated works "U.S. Environmental Law—Textbook for U.S. Federal Court Judges." Professor Zhao lectures on Chinese environmental law (taught in Chinese or pure English, climate litigation and energy law, international environmental law, comparative environmental law, etc.)