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Color Deceives: Le Corbusier & Josef Albers

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Image from Le Corbusier's Architecture Vivante

Friday, May 24, 2024
9am to 5pm PT

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Bowes Library’s Spring 2024 exhibition, Color Deceives, explores the color theories of modern artist Josef Albers (German-American, 1888-1976) and modern architect Le Corbusier (Swiss-French, 1887-1965). Albers famously wrote, “color deceives continually,” a statement that becomes increasingly true through observing the complex interactions of color he documents in Interaction of Color (1963). Likewise, Le Corbusier believed color to be “a means as powerful as the ground plan and the section itself.” His designs turn to polychromatic color schemes to create cohesive interiors and generate specific spatial and mood effects. The featured items from Bowes Library’s special collections highlight color as a powerful tool in every kind of art making. Curated by Abigail Schweizer '24. Library hours: M-Th 9-7pm, Friday 9-5pm, Sunday 12-6pm.

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