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Performing Arts Futures | An Online Gathering

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Free & Open to the Public with RSVP

Sponsored by TAPS & VPA

Despite the tremendous changes that COVID-19 has imposed on the performing arts industry, and the consequent explosion in creativity, there have been few opportunities to reflect on the current state of the industry nor to speculate towards the future. This gathering aims to provide a space of reflection, collaboration, and to define and examine the field. The conference will take place June 3,4,5, online.

The gathering aims to be a site where artists, scholars and members of the industry can meet and create a vision of the future.

Rather than a traditional presentation of panels, this will be a conference that is open to participants to propose and collaborate on different sets of topics, along the lines of an Open Space conference or an unconference. In short, at the beginning and end of the day, there will be presentations of an artistic provocation, a short performance or a short talk that would be designed to spark conversation. In this way, we hope to create an accessible forum that explores and documents the myriad issues that have come out of the past two years of innovation in performance, as well as point toward our future.

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