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Cultivating an Inner Sanctuary from Stress and Anxiety (September 29 - October 20)

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Event Details:

Sometimes, a shift in perception is all you need to regain your sense of well-being. In this four-session online class series, you will experience the transformative power of meditation and discover how to access a sanctuary of inner calm and peace.

Designed to help you effectively relieve stress and anxiety, this workshop will guide you through a variety of techniques, with a special focus on breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and mind-clearing meditations to release the burdens of the day, allowing you to unwind and enjoy restful sleep.

Through group discussions and breakout rooms, we will shed light on common stressors and encourage reflection on personal challenges. You will learn when it’s beneficial to focus on your problems directly and when it is better to center your focus instead on your inner being, enabling you to access a broader range of intelligences and shift your perspective. By incorporating these skills into your daily life, you will improve your ability to disrupt the stress response, respond to challenges with greater ease and confidence, and retreat into your inner sanctuary whenever you need to unwind and replenish.

Attendance requirement for incentive points - 3 of 4 sessions. This class will not be recorded.

Request disability accommodations and access info.

Instructor: Tarika Lovegarden is the author of Meditations on the Fridge. Born into a family of meditators and trained by pre-eminent meditation leaders, she carries forth her lineage teaching individuals and at organizations including Google, Sephora, Pinterest, Salesforce, Oracle, eBay, and Genentech.

Class details are subject to change.