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eWEAR Symposium

Monday, September 25, 2023
5pm to 6:15pm PT

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Building 320, Geology Corner, 105
450 Jane Stanford Way, Building 320, Stanford, CA 94305
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Event Details:

“Sensors – Opportunities and challenges in building”

Speaker: Dr. Chun-cheng Piao, President, Daikin Open Innovation Lab Silicon Valley

Abstract: Daikin is a global leading company focusing on HVAC systems for built environments. Buildings are one of major focus area of Daikin. There is a huge opportunity for sensors in built environment, especially in the context of decarbonization/electrification., human comfort, and office worker productivity. Both opportunities and challenges will be discussed.


“DigiLens holographic waveguides – what, how and why?”   

Speaker: Alastair Grant, SVP Optical Engineering, DigiLens, Inc

Abstract: Smart glasses to provide a digital layer to augment your world are available today, and are rapidly getting closer to an everyday reality for everyone. Waveguide technology enables this to be achieved and has widely been adopted as the preferred approach. Yet the question remains in many minds as to what is the best waveguide optical technology to enable this. The demands are considerable, including consumer expectations for high quality imagea set by today’s incredible flat panel displays, with yet higher expectations set by digital layers used by Hollywood’s characters. To meet highly anticipated consumer demands a solution that enables high quality optical performance, quick design, rapid scalability, while also achieving this at consumer price points is required. In this talk an introduction will be made to DigiLens’ holographic photopolymer technology and manufacturing approach, and to explain why DigiLens is ready to provide that solution today.


“Augmented Reality: Opportunities for wearable electronics”

Speaker: Jason Hartlove, Vice President of AR Display, Meta

Abstract: Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented reality platforms are creating the next step in the computer platform evolution. Building this new paradigm of wearable, all day persistent computing platforms requires understanding the five human senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The biggest challenge and largest opportunity in wearable electronics today lies in mimicking the way these senses work to create the sense of reality we need to convey virtual content seamlessly blended with the real world. While this spans myriad technologies, in this talk Jason Hartlove will introduce this topic and cover a few of these development focus areas.

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