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Data Science for Decisions: Siting Giga-Scale Renewables and Transmission

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Data Science for Decisions: Siting Giga-Scale Renewables and Transmission

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
6pm to 7:20pm PT

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Explore Energy House in Junipero, Meeting Hall, Junipero Lounge
658 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305
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Join us for the Explore Energy Seminar! This weeks seminar is co-hosted with the Program in Data Science & Social Systems

Giga-scale renewables and grid transmission are critical to the energy transistion- and contested!  Where can they be deployed at speed and scale? Come learn about the role that data science can play in making these important decisions. Our panel this week features Oluwefemi (Femi) Sawyer,  Senior Managing Consultant at Energy + Environmental Economics (E3), and Stanford Alumna, Emily Leslie, Principal at Montera Mountain Energy.

Founded in 1989, Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) is a fast-growing energy consulting firm that helps utilities, regulators, policy makers, developers, and investors make the best strategic decisions possible as they implement new public policies, respond to technological advances, and address customers’ shifting expectations

Montara Mountain Energy is a consulting firm which incorporates spatial information into energy planning. Clients include the State of California, The Nature Conservancy, Princeton University, the County of San Diego, among others. Their geospatial modeling methods have formed the basis for investment decisions on the order of $7 billion in electric grid upgrades to accommodate new clean energy resources. Their publications appear in journals such as Environmental Research Letters, Energy and Climate Change, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Explore Energy Seminar is hosted in the Explore Energy House @Junipero in Wilbur. Each week features a different panel of speakers bring the most current energy issues and opportunities to light. Come meet these important contacts to build your energy network.

Pro tip: To  make the best connections, join the Dinner Salon after the seminar. RSVP to EXPLOREENERGYHOUSE@STANFORD.EDU