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Eating Down the Food Chain: Let Them Eat Algae

Sponsored by
Chuck Greene

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
7pm to 8pm PT

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Hopkins Marine Station, Izzie Abbott Boatworks Auditorium
120 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA. 93950

Free Event

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How will planet Earth feed more people in the next century while increasing sustainability? One solution comes from tiny plants called micro-algae, with their high nutrients, vitamins and food value. Chuck Greene is a world leader in looking at this solution, and will talk about its need and its promise

Can we create a global food production system that meets society's projected nutritional requirements while simultaneously reducing its carbon, land, and freshwater footprints to levels consistent with our sustainability goals?

Chuck was an award-winning professor at Cornell and served as Director of the Ocean Resources & Ecosystems Program.  Currently, he is Associate Director for Research and Strategic Planning at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Labs.  His research interests include ecological dynamics of marine animal populations and impacts of global climate change on ocean ecosystems.

Event is sponsord by the Friends of Hopkins.  It is free but registration is required to attend virtually.