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Eitner Lecture with Peter Frankopan, "The Transforming Earth and the merging of natural, environmental and human histories"

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Reception: Outside of Geology Corner (320-105). Appetizers and drinks provided. 5-5:30pm

Talk description: In this talk, Professor Peter Frankopan, will discuss how widening chronological, geographical and geological boundaries can help prompt integrated conceptualisations of the past – and present – that can challenge and even over-turn traditional framing of history. In a wide-ranging talk, Professor Frankopan will cover topics from the world’s best soccer teams to cooking in Ancient Rome, from the parallels between colonisations of the South Pacific and Iceland to the expansion of disease envelopes in the Middle Ages as well as today

Short bio: Peter Frankopan is Professor of Global History at Oxford University and author of books that include The Silk Roads: A New History of the WorldThe New Silk Roads: The Present and History of the World and most recently The Earth Transformed: an Untold History.

The Lorenz Eitner Lectures on Classical Art and Culture publicize classics and classical scholarship to a wider public. The series has been endowed by Peter and Lindsay Joost, great friends and benefactors of Stanford Classics, in honor of the late Lorenz Eitner, director of Stanford’s art museum, now known as the Cantor Center, in the 1960s-80s. He also chaired what was then the Department of Art and Architecture and was a distinguished expert of French Romantic painting, and the author of a dozen books on art and art history. In naming these annual lectures after him, we honor the memory of a renowned scholar, teacher and writer who oversaw the expansion of our art museum to a leading regional art collection.

This talk will not be available on zoom and will not be recorded.