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Energy and Power Challenges for the Army

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Speaker: Mr. Morris Berman, Associate Division Chief of Energy Sciences, Army Research

Abstract: The Army leverages significant power and energy research executed by industry.  However, unique DoD and Army needs for power, mission length, and environmental concerns require government expertise.  Army requirements are driven by the need for mission success, which includes soldier safety, while the commercial sector is driven by the marketplace.  As a result, the science and technology drivers for the Army include increasing electric power requirements for advanced weapons, unique military systems, and improved operational capabilities including increased reach and reduced risk.  The criticality of fulfilling military requirements defines where the Army focuses its resources as well as enabling it to accept a higher level of technological risk than the commercial sector.  Some active R&D efforts include high energy density storage, high power systems, thermal management, long duration power sources, alternative energy sources, and energy management.  This talk will focus on those energy and power challenges that are Army unique.

Biography: Mr. Morris Berman is the Associate Division Chief for the Energy Sciences Division at the DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory.  His most recent research efforts have ranged from electronic device packaging to the optimization of tactical energy networks in the Army environment.  These research areas utilize a variety of technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to thermal models in power electronic applications.  Mr. Berman received a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (1996) and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (1988) from the University of Maryland at College Park. Mr. Berman’s early career at the research laboratory was focused on shock and vibration issues. Throughout his career his research has ranged across a broad variety of topics including large caliber tank and artillery projectiles, combat vehicle survivability, computer model development and a variety of experimental efforts in the broad fields of shock and vibration.  Mr. Berman currently holds two patents and has authored/co-authored a wide variety of technical reports, conference papers and journal articles.

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