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EPS Seminar: Dr. Adam Kent - "Assessing the thermal conditions of silicic magma storage in the Earth’s crust"

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This talk will discuss ongoing efforts to provide constraints on the conditions under which silicic magmas are stored in the Earth’s crust. There is broad consensus that silicic magmas erupted at arc and other crustal volcanoes can be stored within the crust for long periods – at least 104-105 years- prior to eruption. However, there is less certainty regarding the nature of magma storage. The viscosity and therefore eruptibilty of magma is a strong function of temperature, the long term thermal conditions of magma residence are critical, and it remains unclear if magma spend long periods stored at sufficient temperatures for them to be eruptible, or whether eruption in the result of transient rejuvenation and heating. Results to date suggest that the latter is common, and even some of the largest known “supereruptions” may erupt magmas that have only been in an eruptible state for decades to centuries.

Dr. Adam Kent, Oregon State University

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