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ESE Seminar - Giovanna Bucci: Microstructural design of batteries and fuel cells

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Giovanna Bucci

Computational Design Group

Palo Alto Research Center, Inc.

Monday, November 14, 2022

12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

This meeting is in Room 104 and can also be viewed in Room 014



Chemo-mechanics and microstructural design of solid-state batteries

In all-solid cells, the battery life depends in larger measure on the mechanical integrity of the composite system. The charge-transfer reaction proceeds only if contact is established, therefore fracture and delamination (caused by electrochemical cycling) result in power loss and battery capacity fade. A theoretical framework for electro-deposition, large deformations and fracture mechanics is developed to explore this design space. With quantitative analyses that account for the electrode microstructures, we identify main degradation mechanisms. This research leads to guidelines for engineering of particle size, volume ratio of active material, interfacial cohesion, and mechanical properties.

Mesoscale model for dissolution and coarsening of catalyst nanoparticles

Power loss in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells is mainly caused by the loss of the electrochemically active surface of the cathode catalyst layer. To study cathode aging, we developed a theoretical framework to model electrochemical dissolution of catalyst materials and predict nanoparticle coarsening over cycling. This mesoscale approach contains an explicit representation of the cathode catalyst microstructure and the local environment around each particle. This includes modeling Pt-ions transport within the microstructure and the dissolution/redeposition processes caused by voltage cycling. This theoretical framework can be used to understand how material design influences catalyst degradation, to improve material utilization and extend fuel-cell lifetime in long-haul vehicles.



Giovanna Bucci is a Senior Scientist in the Computational Design group PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). Giovanna has extensive experience in computational modeling ranging from next-generation energy storage to DNA sequencing devices. At PARC, she leads computational materials science research in energy and healthcare, and government proposals in these areas. She is also involved with process modeling for metal additive manufacturing.

Prior to joining PARC, she was a Senior Research Engineer at Bosch, where she developed mesoscale models of aging in Li-ion batteries and proton exchange membrane fuel cells. She also led an effort on optimizing the design of a DNA sequencing device based on nano-confinement in collaboration with Stanford University and MIT.

Giovanna began her career in the field of computational solid mechanics, with an emphasis on fracture and large-scale simulation. She did postdocs at Brown University and MIT (Materials Science Dept.). Her analyses have established design rules for silicon anodes and identified failure-tolerant battery microstructures and operating conditions.

She received her Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics from the Politecnico di Milano and her M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Architecture from Università di Pavia. Her cross-disciplinary accomplishments were recognized by the 2015 Rising Stars in Nuclear Science and Engineering award at MIT.



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Publications · Books

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