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ESS Seminar Series: Dr. Jeff Dukes "Assessments as tools to promote climate change awareness and action: A case study from Indiana"

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Please join us Thursday, March 2, 2023 for our Winter Seminar Series with out guest speaker: Jeff Dukes.

Mccullough Building Room 115

Jeffrey Dukes 
Senior Staff Scientist and Professor (by courtesy)
Carnegie Institution for Science (and Stanford ESS and Biology)

"Assessments as tools to promote climate change awareness and action: A case study from Indiana"

In this talk I'll provide a brief overview of the ecological research being conducted by my group, but I'll primarily discuss the conception and execution of the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment (INCCIA), which I recently directed. I'll put the INCCIA in context of other climate assessments (e.g., at the national and global levels) and identify lessons that our team learned. I'll also discuss some broader questions, such as: Do we need so many climate assessments? Is it worth your time to participate in them? What are the potential goals of a state-level assessment? What tactics did the INCCIA use to try to reach those goals? Was the INCCIA a success, and can that even be measured?


Jeff Dukes is a senior staff scientist in the Department of Global Ecology.  Previously, he was a professor at Purdue University, where he held the Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability in the College of Agriculture and directed the Purdue Climate Change Research Center. Jeff Dukes’ research examines how plants and ecosystems respond to a changing environment, focusing on topics from invasive species to climate change. Much of his experimental work seeks to inform and improve climate models. Dukes received a Ph.D from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from Brown University, both in Biological Sciences. He has been elected a Fellow and named a Public Engagement Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and he is a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America. As the director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, Dr. Dukes led the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment.