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As fully autonomous vehicles take to the road, how should we expect them to behave?

Chris Gerdes, professor of mechanical engineering, emeritus, at Stanford Engineering, and Tony D’Amato, senior manager of autonomous vehicle systems engineering at Ford, have considered that question deeply as they have observed autonomous vehicles progress from concept to reality. In a conversation moderated by Stanford professor and STVP faculty director Tom Byers, Gerdes and D’Amato will make the case that developing responsible autonomous vehicles is a matter of translating already existing legal and ethical principles into engineering requirements. They also will explore how questions of ethics and principles permeate their broader careers as engineers.

This event is offered through a collaboration with the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS). It is part of the Principled Engineering speaker series, jointly sponsored by the Stanford School of Engineering and STVP, the Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center. The series aims to offer critical conversations around responsible technology, impact-driven innovation, and human-centered approaches to data and physical infrastructure alike.

You can read the paper ahead of the event: Exceptional Driving Principles for Autonomous Vehicles

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