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Social Event/Reception

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Ice Cream

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Friday, September 29, 2023
5:30pm to 7:30pm PT

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Junipero Dorm, Parking Lot L-63
684 Escondido Rd, Stanford
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Event Details:

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the RISE for good reason. They are stylish, contain the most technologically advanced features, and cost less to fuel and maintain than gas-powered cars and an important lever to decarbonize the transportation sector. Many new and exciting models are debuting this year, and the market is starting to see a downward pressure on prices.

To celebrate the end of Week 1, Explore Energy House is partnering with Acterraa local group of champions for Action for a Healthy Planet, to bring a dozen EVs to campus.  Acterra's E-bike and EV Ambassadors will show a wide variety of bikes and some of the hottest electric vehicles out there! Check out all the unique and various features, interiors / exteriors of the vehicles, and storage space. You can even get answers to specific questions about the bikes and vehicles directly from the owners.

Acterra’s Ambassadors are eager for you to see the latest tech inside and out for a hot collection of EVs and electric bikes — all in one place!

When you talk with an EV Ambassador in parking lot Parking Lot L-63, you’ll get a ticket for ice cream at Explore Energy House (Junipero).

Note: No test drives. 


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