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Finding Your Why for Physical Activity

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We all know that regular physical activity is good for us. Among its many benefits, it helps keep our hearts and lungs healthy and is great for mood management and stress relief. Although the benefits of activity are well known, many people still struggle to incorporate enough movement into their daily lives. Often, it is not a problem of finding out what to do, but more of an issue of just getting ourselves to actually do it.

Tune into this noontime webinar to find your why for physical activity. We will discuss specific strategies to kick start your motivation and turn your exercise goals into a reality. You will learn how to create a realistic plan, how to identify and overcome potential challenges, and how to get the support you need when motivation slumps. You will also gain resources to help boost your overall activity level beyond exercise and review the importance of reducing your sedentary behavior in addition to increasing your physical activity levels.

This class will be recorded and a temporary link to the recording will be shared with all registered participants, which will be active for one week. Stanford University benefits-eligible employees must attend the live session in order to receive BeWell incentive points.

Instructor: Deborah Balfanz, PhD, is a health behavior change educator and a wellness coach for Stanford BeWell.  She has been helping individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes since coming to Stanford in 2002.