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The final GUIS of the year will be a discussion with our usual moderator, Tom Clandinin! Please join us on June 7th for this special event.

Event Details:

Growing Up in Science (GUIS) is back for the 2023-2024 academic year!

In most sessions, one faculty member shares the personal side of their individual journey through academia. Occasionally, PhD-holding speakers from outside the academic research environment may also present. The stories focus on the struggles, doubts, weaknesses, and failures we all face as young scientists. GUIS aims to normalize discussing these personal and interpersonal challenges, and supporting one another through them. There will be no (or minimal) discussion of the speaker's research.

Unless otherwise noted, all events are held from 3-4pm in the James Lin and Nisa Leung Seminar Room (E153) of the Neuro/ChEM-H building. GUIS seminars are intended for current academic trainees, including undergraduates, post-bac technicians, graduate students, post-docs, lab managers, and other in-training research support staff.

AY2023-2024 Events:

  • Longzhi Tan on Oct 20
  • Xiaojing Gao (Chemical Engineering) on Dec 8
  • Liqun Luo on Jan 19
  • Lisa Giocomo on Feb 2
  • Shaul Druckmann on Mar 1
  • Anne Villeneuve (Developmental Biology) on Mar 15
  • Lauren O'Connell (Biology) on May 3
  • Tom Clandinin on Jun 7


More information about this cross-university series can be found here. Contact Tim ( with any questions.



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