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How to LOVE Your Fellowship During Tax Season

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Make tax season less taxing!

If you answer "Yes" to the following...

  • I am a graduate student or post-doc
  • I am a US citizen or resident
  • Taxes are not withheld from my fellowship

Join this webinar to learn how to manage your fellowship throughout the academic year!

The webinar covers what type of income is taxable, what documents to hold onto for tax season, how to determine if you're required to pay estimated tax, how to save up for your eventual tax bill(s), and which tax software is most amenable to fellowship income. This webinar is for graduate students and postdocs who are US citizens, permanent residents, or residents for tax purposes and are not having income tax withheld from their fellowship paychecks.

Register below by September 26, 2023.


The webinar will be led by Dr. Emily Roberts, Founder of Personal Finance for PhDs, and is created by Mind Over Money in partnership with the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education.


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