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HOWLoween 2022: Celebrating Wolf Awareness Week at Stanford Libraries on Oct. 17-22

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Event Details:

Our 2021 celebration of HOWLoween: Wolf Awareness Week was such a success that we're holding it again this year! Join us at Green Library for National Wolf Awareness Week on October 16-22, 2022.


Tabletop Tuesday: Our Werewolves, Ourselves 
This session of Tabletop Tuesday will begin with an exploration of werewolves and their depictions in popular media. What does the long historical tradition of werewolf mythology and literature reveal about humans and our fascination with wolves? After this discussion, we will play the game Werewolf to discover who among us has the drive to survive using our all-too-human skills of deception and treachery.

Green Library, SVA Seminar Room in Hohbach Hall
2-4:00PM on Tuesday, Oct. 18


Howling Lesson
Stephanie Hunt (Theater and Performance Studies) will teach us how to properly and safely howl using correct vocal techniques while thinking about the biological adaptations that make wolves such good howlers. The lesson will be followed by a "Group Howl." Although wolves are pack animals, physical distancing will be observed, esp. for the loudest howls. 

Koret Park, outside Green Library
5:00PM on Tuesday, Oct. 18


Skull School
Maria Viteri (Biology postdoc) will display animal skulls incl. the gray wolf and discuss comparative vertebrate anatomy and classification. 

Green Library, SVA Seminar Room in Hohbach Hall
2-3:00PM on Wednesday, Oct. 19


"The Return of the Wolf"
Amaroq Weiss, Senior Wolf Advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity, will discuss the return of wolves to California and other limited parts of the lower 48 United States. Her talk will cover legal and policy issues around wolf recovery, wolf biology/behavior/ecology, and challenges wolves continue to face which require ongoing public involvement to protect and recover this magnificent representative of the wild.

**This talk is free but pre-registration is required

Green Library, SVA Symposium/Presentation Room 122 in Hohbach Hall
7-8:00PM on Thursday, Oct. 20


Wolf (1994), a Mike Nichols film
Eitan Kensky will introduce this 1994 "romantic horror office comedy" starring Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Christopher Plummer, etc., in which mild-mannered editor Jack Nicholson is bitten by a wolf and then discovers how well-suited his new werewolf abilities are for the cut-throat world of office politics. 
Green Library, IC Classroom
1:00PM on Friday, Oct. 21

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