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Ice, Whales, Glaciers, and Penguins: Insights from 43 years of working in Antarctica

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For 45 years, Rob has been developing high-resolution records to understand past climatic and oceanic variability, aiming to discern human impacts on our climate. The Dunbar Lab is studying carbon dioxide uptake in the Ross Sea and ice sheet changes in East Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula, while innovating methods to estimate Antarctica's ice sheet melting rates.

Professor Robert Dunbar, Department of Oceans, Stanford University

Rob also works in tropic locations such as Palau, and American Samoa, as well as locally in Monterey Bay. He has taught several amazing field-oriented classes, most notably Stanford@SEA along with Barb Block. Stanford@SEA currently has its 2024 students at Hopkins preparing to sail toward the coral reefs of the tropical Pacific. And check out Rob’s amazing collection of photographs from places he’s been at

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