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"If I had a Magic Wand…” Stories of how Hospice and Palliative Medicine can make wishes come true

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A stethoscope and a magic wand both deeply listen to the heart, uncovering wishes more significant than a cure for the critically ill. Asking about these wishes reveals the most impactful gifts healthcare can offer, transcending traditional medicine. This approach, reminiscent of "The Little Prince," teaches us that true healing involves seeing with the heart, making healthcare a magical act of fulfilling deep-seated desires.

Dawn Gross, MD, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco. Palliative Care Service; ANX Hospice Medical Director

Dr. Gross combines her expertise in medicine and storytelling to pioneer in hospice and palliative care, inspired by personal loss and a rich educational background from Tufts, Stanford, and UCSF. As the creator of the Dying to Talk radio show and author of "Heart Sounds," she focuses on fulfilling patients' final wishes, akin to a fairy godmother. Gross also humorously reflects on the insights gained from family life, despite not having a formal degree in parenting.

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