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Event Details:

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

This introductory workshop will focus on the fundamental concepts and skills needed to begin using Geographic Information Systems software for the exploration and analysis of spatial data using ArcGIS Pro.

Topics covered:

What is GIS?

Downloading and licensing through Stanford

Setting up a new Map Project

ArcGIS Pro user interface

Loading and styling spatial data

Basic Analysis Tools (Spatial Joins, Overlay Analysis)

Map Layout and Exports

Required: The Branner Library teaching space only has 3 workstations so all workshop attendees will be required to bring in their own laptops. ArcGIS Pro is a Windows only application, but it can be run from a Windows or Mac laptop through the Stanford Virtual Computer Cluster (Apporto):

Note: Open to current Stanford affiliates ONLY. This workshop or prior GIS experience are required for most other SGC workshops.