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Jewish Media in America: A conversation with the editors of two of the oldest and most influential Jewish publications in the US

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Presented in conjunction with the Berman Archive

Arielle Angel, Editor-in-Chief, Jewish Currents

Jodi Rudoren, Editor-in-Chief, the Forward

Moderated by Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, CEO of J. The Jewish News of Northern California

Introduction by Ari Y. Kelman, Professor of Education and Jewish Studies and Director, Berman Archive, Stanford


Jewish CurrentsThe Forward, and J. The Jewish News of Northern California are three of the oldest and most influential Jewish publications in the US. We welcome their respective leaders to participate in a wide-ranging discussion on the state of American Jewish media. We’ll discuss ways each publication balances uniquely Jewish perspectives in a medium beholden to the impartiality of journalistic ethics, the pitfalls and power of public opinion writing, and the density of intellectual and historical discourse. Does the “Jewish” of their titles refer to their approaches to the work or their audience? How do they ensure the integrity of their publications’ missions while juggling Israel and US politics, Jewish communal politics, and antisemitism? How is their work informed by a historical understanding of American Jewish communities?