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Creativity Unleashed (June 30 - July 7)

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Have you gone stir-crazy from the extended lifestyle restrictions from the pandemic? Do you want to make more time to nourish yourself and your highest aspiration for your life? Do you have an unfulfilled need to be creative again or to experiment with new creative forms?

We all need creativity to solve problems, start important projects, repair relationship challenges, help others in need, and simply to be the fullest expression of ourselves. Significant research in brain health, immune support, longevity, and optimal well-being has demonstrated that creativity is great for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Finding our creative flow in artistic or other soul-satisfying endeavors makes our immune system stronger, our cardiovascular system more efficient, our cognitive function sharper, and our mood and motivation elevated. 

In this two-session online class, you will be immersed in exploring your own creativity through music, art, dance, creative writing, meditation, and photography. You will learn hands-on through a creative project of your choosing, integrating the Five Catalysts model of mindfulness, movement, nature, playfulness, and artistic expression to keep creativity alive as your personal well-being strategy.

Instructor: Bruce Cryer is the founder of Renaissance Human, former CEO of HeartMath, executive coach and mentor, and a former singer, actor, and dancer on Broadway. He has taught classes with Stanford Healthy Living and the Graduate School of Business since 1997 and is currently executive director of the Integrative Health Institute at Salem University.

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