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PhD Defense

Madalsa Singh's PhD Defense

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Abstract: Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and pollution inequity. Decarbonizing transportation depends on the widespread adoption of clean technologies like electric vehicles. Although electric vehicles don't have tailpipe emissions, their air emissions depend on power plants that service the charging demand. Efficient conventional vehicles that meet the strictest air pollution standards are another alternative. Using spatially explicit vehicle emissions, air quality modeling, and current power sector characterization, I compared the climate and health consequences of various electric vehicle models to the best-in-class conventional vehicles. I then identified regions that need further electricity decarbonization for electric vehicles to provide climate and health benefits. Finally, in California, I find that retiring and replacing vehicles older than 15 years, which contribute to the majority of vehicular air pollution, can substantially reduce cumulative climate and health damages and help achieve the state's climate goals.

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