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Book Launch: “Making Climate Tech Work: Policies that Drive Innovation” - A Conversation with Author Alon Tal

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Climate tech is critical for averting planetary chaos. Half the greenhouse gas reductions required to reach “net-zero” climate targets in 2050 will need to come from technologies that have not yet been invented.  Without effective government interventions, market incentives alone will not produce a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy. The commercial value of innovative climate technology, especially in its early phases, remains underpriced—far below its social value. The good news is that smart policies can change these dynamics and catalyze the necessary creativity and investment in clean technology, and its deployment. The key question is: which mitigation policy approaches can also lead us to future carbon neutrality? Combining the latest evaluation data with anecdotes based on dozens of interviews, the talk assesses which strategies around the world have effectively reduced emissions while accelerating climate tech development and adoption. The presentation will serve as a launch for visiting professor Alon Tal’s latest book Making Climate Tech WorkPolicies that Drive Innovation which is being published by Island Press this month.
About the Speaker:
Alon Tal is a Tel Aviv University visiting professor at Stanford University. Between 2021 and 2022, he was a member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament and served as chair of the subcommittee for Environmental and Climate Impacts on Health Previously, he was the chair of the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University where he served as scientific advisor to Israel’s State Comptroller’s Office in its national climate policy evaluation.


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