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Meditation Toolkit - Prepare the Mind and Body for a Deeper Experience (10/3 - 10/10)

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to calm the mind or clear your thoughts during meditation? The first step towards a profound meditation experience is complete relaxation of body and mind. Often the stress we store in our bodies holds us back from experiencing the deep calm within.

In this two-session online class, we will explore ways to consciously prepare ourselves for meditation using calming exercises and breathwork. We will gain a deeper understanding of the connection between the breath and the mind and practice simple breathing techniques and yoga exercises to fully relax our bodies and minds. By the end of the class, you will have developed a personal toolkit to help you calm and de-stress at will.

Instructor: Saiganesh Sairaman is a certified teacher of meditation and yoga philosophy and is part of the teaching faculty at the Ananda center in Palo Alto. His experience with workplace stress as a management consultant and IT services manager at Fortune 500 companies led him to find creative ways of applying and sharing the teachings of yoga in scientific ways.