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Nourish Yourself Through Self-Care (Feb 22 - March 15)

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Self-care is not self-indulgence. In our fast-paced, performance-driven culture, a robust self-care plan fortifies our resilience to stress and is the foundation from which healthy behaviors can grow and blossom. But how can we tell which self-care tools are supported by science to truly improve our health and wellness? And how do we put together a self-care plan that will work for us in the real world?

Through this online class series, you will connect with your personal self-care vision and develop tools and practices to create a holistic, personalized, and flexible self-care routine that can endure and evolve. We will explore the wellness benefits of sleep, stress reduction, movement, nutrition, spirituality, environment, and relationships and learn how you can nurture these benefits through self-care.

The four interactive sessions will also provide food for thought and ample space for discussion and sharing, while addressing the crucial aspects of behavior change. You will learn a creative, intuitive approach to selecting sustainable action steps and behaviors and will finish the series with a realistic, actionable plan to incorporate your self-care vision into your life.

This class will not be recorded.

Instructor: Christina Becker, MPH, RDN, NBC-HCW, is an integrative nutritionist, board-certified wellness coach, and certified intuitive eating counselor with more than 18 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. She provides 1:1 and group coaching, talks, corporate programming, and seminars for Silicon Valley Fortune 50 companies, Stanford, and her private practice.