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Nurturing Connections Through Meditation (Feb 17 - March 17)

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Many of us feel the need for connection and more fulfilling relationships, and yet we do not know how to become fulfilled. Can fulfillment come solely from within, or does happiness depend on nurturing harmonious relationships?

This five-session online class offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to utilize meditation to connect with your inner resources while providing you with tools of positive psychology research that have been shown to enhance relationships. When you approach others from generosity versus lack, people genuinely feel more drawn to you and want to connect. Positive psychology research has found good social relationships to have an enormous influence on our well-being by acting as buffers against disappointments and setbacks.

Each week you will be guided through self-reflective mindfulness practices, dynamic group shares, and 30-minute meditations that focus on virtues of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and playfulness - all vital ingredients to fulfilling connections with yourself and your loved ones.

This class will not be recorded.

Instructor: Tarika Lovegarden is the author of Meditations on the Fridge. Born into a family of meditators and trained by pre-eminent meditation leaders, she carries forth her lineage teaching individuals and at organizations including Google, Sephora, Pinterest, Salesforce, Oracle, eBay, and Genentech.