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Olaf Sporns, PhD - Fine-scale Dynamics in Human Brain Functional Connectivity

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PMHW Seminar Series: Cutting-edge advances towards personalized mental health

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Functional connectivity (FC), often estimated from resting-state fMRI data, has been a focus of interest for several years, especially in the context of brain-behavior relationships and clinical disorders. In this presentation, I will review current themes and future directions, including structure/function mapping, FC dynamics, and the use of computational models to predict functional connectivity and patterns of neuronal communication. Recently, we developed a novel edge-centric approach to functional connectivity that allows tracking dynamic fluctuations of BOLD signal interactions at single TR resolution. I will discuss some recent work that leverages the edge-centric approach to model FC dynamics, disclose spatial and temporal “FC fingerprints” and map brain to behavior. In summary, I will argue that network neuroscience represents a promising theoretical framework for understanding the complex structure and functioning of nervous systems.

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