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Pop-up Exhibit and Conversation: Patagonia and Rewilding Chile

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Event Details:

Join us in casual conversation with Rewilding Chile's Wildlife Director, Cristián Saucedo, and Conservation Director, Ingrid Espinoza while exploring the wildlands of Patagonia through a curated selection of books and maps.

In this pop-up exhibit, we will be showcasing historical travel books and maps depicting the flora and fauna of Patagonia, a selection of the Tompkins Conservation publications on Chilean and Argentine national parks, and a selection of books featuring several of the keystone species of the re-wilding efforts led by the Tompkins Conservation offspring organizations, Rewilding Chile and Rewilding Argentina.


This event will be held in the David Rumsey Map Center on the 4th floor of Green Library. It is free and open to all. Visitors without a Stanford ID card or library card will be required to register at the library portals.


Wildlife Director, Cristián Saucedo

Cristian has been responsible for implementing wildlife conservation and monitoring programs, leading a team of park gardens and field technicians, and collaborating with public agencies, NGOs, researchers, and society at large.  Cristian is also a National Geographic Explorer and a member of the IUCN Deer Specialist Group, showcasing his extensive expertise in the study and conservation of the endangered huemul deer. His expertise also extends to leading wildlife programs and working with keystone species such as the Puma, Andean Condor, Darwin's Rhea, and Guanaco.


Conservation Director, Ingrid Espinoza


As a forestry engineer from the University of Chile, Ingrid joined the Tompkins Conservation Chile team in 2001, to help develop the Alerce 3,000 Project in Pumalín. She has managed the land and marine conservation programs, geographic information systems, and land surveys for the organization. She worked on the team that achieved the declaration of Nature Sanctuary of Pumalín Park and the creation of Corcovado National Park in 2005. In the same way, she participated in the creation of the Yendegaia National Park in 2013 and the historic donation for the conformation of the Route of Parks of the Chilean Patagonia, which was concreted in 2018.