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“Microfluidic-enabled translation of the basophil activation test from a research tool to a clinical diagnostic method for food allergy”

Speaker: Nicolas Castaño, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Abstract: In the US alone, 32 million people currently suffering from food allergies, and the prevalence of food allergy on the rise. Despite the growing burden of food allergy on individuals and on the healthcare system, methods for diagnosing and monitoring food allergies are widely known to be deficient in accuracy and biological relevance. In this work we seek to adapt and translate the basophil activation test (BAT) from a well-characterized research lab tool for food allergy assessment to an accessible clinical diagnostic test. The BAT is an ex vivo blood assay that directly measures the extent to which basophils, a key effector immune cell for allergic diseases, respond to an allergen. Our aim is to develop and validate microfluidic devices that will automate and standardize the BAT and enable its clinical utility.


“Flexible PCB based biosensors for low cost and rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing”

Speaker: Oren Knopfmacher, Ph.D., CEO & Co-founder, Avails Medical, Inc.  and Nitin Rajan, Ph.D., Director of R&D, Avails Medical, Inc.

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