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Public Lecture - The James Webb & Exoplanets

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What do other worlds look like and how will the James Webb Space Telescope help us better understand their properties and habitability? Join us to learn about the exciting science planned for JWST on extrasolar planets!

This lecture is open to all and recommended for the general public and students above 9th grade.

Title: The James Webb Space Telescope: Atmospheres of Other Worlds

Speaker: Prof. Bruce Macintosh (UC Observatories & KIPAC/Stanford)

Abstract: JWST is an extraordinary technological achievement. Its ultra-precise optical system makes it a powerful tool for studying extrasolar planets (exoplanets) - worlds that orbit around other stars. Specifically, JWST is capable of measuring the chemical composition of exoplanet atmospheres with unprecedented sensitivity. In this lecture, Prof. Macintosh will discuss the most exciting exoplanet science planned for JWST: it will study giant planets like our own Jupiter by blocking the glare of bright stars, allowing us to understand how these worlds form. The telescope will also study smaller planets as they eclipse their host stars; we can identify chemical traces in their atmosphere when these planets are backlit by starlight. Prof. Macintosh will highlight recent results using both techniques. The same techniques will be adopted by JWST and future successor telescopes to study Earth-sized planets and look for signs of life.

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