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Research Panel on the Energy System Resilience Challenge

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The electricity sector is going through fundamental changes due to the urgency to decarbonize, improve resilience against climate-induced extreme weather events, and provide affordable, reliable access to at-risk communities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that can be used to analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends. This grand challenge seeks to identify, benchmark, and scale the adoption of AI technologies for resilience applications including proactive maintenance, resilience investment planning, or event response.

The 2022 webcasts survey the diverse utility resilience challenges, objectives, and activities focused on the role of AI. On October 11th, the panel will highlight the latest research regarding Stanford’s AI for Energy System Resilience, and EPRI's ClimateREADi efforts to “close” or tighten the pipeline of resilience and adaptation R&D.

This webinar is the last of the 2022 AI.EPRI Energy System Resilience Grand Challenge activities coordinated by Dr. Liang Min from Stanford and Dr. Sara Mullen-Trento from EPRI. This work closely aligns with the Stanford Bits & Watts initiative and EPRI initiatives, including EPRI’s launching of Climate Resilience and Adaptation Initiative (READi) and the Value of Resilience Interest Group.

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